We specialize in both individual and team development through a tailored combination of training, coaching, and facilitated group learning.​


Emotional Intelligence

Before you lead others you must be able to lead yourself.  By understanding the principles of emotional intelligence, participants will be able to more effectively lead themselves and build a more cohesive team. 


Leadership Principles

This module focuses on concepts such as responsibility, empowerment, authority, and accountability. Centered around a five-step leadership model to provide participants with an example of how to lead their teams, the goal is to align leadership in common terminology and vision as the organization moves forward.

Difficult Conversations

Handling different behavior types when counseling, coaching or mentoring requires an understanding of the differences between those three activities and how to engage each in effective communication.


Time Management

Designed to prioritize work based on organizational goals and priorities, the session aims to help participants manage their day-to-day workloads and employee interactions or delegation.


Leadership Styles

One of the keys to becoming a successful leader is the ability to vary your leadership style based on the needs of those you are leading. This training helps the supervisor understand the four different leadership styles and how to determine when to utilize each one.

Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching to help the supervisor implement and execute the leadership training they have received. This allows the supervisor to develop their specific strengths and work on areas of potential growth. Tackling unique challenges helps the supervisor to build confidence in their own leadership abilities. 


This training teaches employees how they can lead from below. Being a better follower actually helps their supervisors to become better leaders and managers. This module may also be applicable to first-level supervisors in developing and improving their relationships with the executive leadership team. 

Team Building

We work to develop your team using your own values and mission as a starting point.  All our efforts are geared to reinforce our partners' desired end state and build a highly functioning team that leaves the organization stronger from within.    

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"I had the good fortune of working with Ken on several occasions, both in a group setting and also one-on-one. He is extremely knowledgable, listens carefully, and conveys his messages clearly. My colleagues and I found his coaching and training invaluable and his efforts had an immediate positive impact on our company. "


~ Senior Principal Scientist for a Major Pharmaceutical Company

"Ken provided assistance to my office to improve my organization's climate and culture. His insight was perfect in helping us to plot a path forward. His expertise as a facilitator was vital as he conducted town hall type meetings with our staff to understand the whys behind our issues and help us to create achievable and relevant action items. He was a tremendous help to my team."

~ Senior Manager, United States Navy

"We had Ken come in to address our advanced Department of Defense engineering certification class. His straight-forward insight on how to lead teams solving complex problems was the highlight of the two-week training course."



~ Senior Course Facilitator

"I was thrilled to recently learn that one of the best leaders and mentors I had the privilege of working alongside and learning from has expanded his services and created CSC. As an executive leader and retired USN CAPT, Ken is an effective educator with a gift to relate to leaders and employees at any organizational level. His work is truly transforming!


~ Executive Director for the Center of Cybersecurity at Regent University

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